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Anand Jon is somebody that we Indians can really be proud of.  It is primarily the IT field that brought India to the forefront of the world power.  In Fashion designs, India is known all over the world, mainly by the works of Anand Jon, as you can see from the following.

Designer Profile
·         Winner of Fashion Week of the America's "International New Star" Designer Award 2002-'03 
·         Asia Society Guest of Honor 2004, Asia on my mind.
·         Winner of Peoples Choice Award "Best New Designer"2002, Dans Papers
·         Winner of SASA 2004 Award for breakthrough in Arts and Business.
·         Indian-American Kerala Cultural & Civic Center Outstanding accomplishment Award 2002
·         Selected Top 12 new fashion brands of the future in the world by In Style Europe 2001-2002.
·         Parsons School of Design official Jury starting 2004.
·         Helping Hands Charity with M Night Shyamalan, Anand Jon & Ms Universe'03 Amelia Vega
·         Selected by A Magazine as among the Top 21 Asians to watch out for in the 21st century
·         Selected as one of the 25 "Faces of the Future" leaders of the new millennium by India Today.
·         Selected for the prestigious NYC 2000 by Mayor Guiliani among the top 70 designers in the world
·         Picked as one of the Top looks of the Millennium /NYC 2000 - Oprah Winfrey show "Oprah"
·         Official International Spokesman for CARE International children's charity
·         Judge for Miss India 2002
·         Judge for FEMME 2003 with FUBU & E!'s Leon Hall
·         The Shakespeare Theater (Hamptons, the Peter Beard mansion) Costumes by Anand Jon '01
·         Special Host of Iceland Fashion Week (with Patricia Fields of Sex & the City/ HBO), MTV Asia, MTV.
·         Selected to be the official host (co hosted by Ms Universe 2003 and Michelle Rodriguez) of the US ARMY/USO July 4th 2003 celebrations at Fort Dix, NJ.
·         The Fashion Group Int’l, Member NYC 2003 selected / sponsored by Margaret Hayes, President of FGI.
·         Profiled designer in Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Model, 2003.
·         Selected to co-host the first ever MTV Asia Fashion awards 2003.
·         Picked on ABC & A &E "American Royalty" series as the "It Designer" who launches "It Girls" featuring Amanda &Lydia Hearst, Paris & Nicky Hilton, Ivanka Trump. Lauren Bush(other "It Makers" included Richard Johnson / Page Six, Patrick Mc Mullan and Michael Musto of Village Voice)
·         Runway features debuts of Amanda Hearst, Michelle Rodriguez, Mya, Izabella Miko, Ananda Lewis, Princess Olivia of Spain, Max Tucci the Count of Florence and featured Paris Hilton, Nicky Hilton, Lydia Hearst.
·         Selected as one of the "Sexiest South Asians in America" Bibi 2004
·         Selected by Newsweek as one of the most successful South Asians in the world 2004.
·         Selected in the NR Eyes 50 most Influential Indians in the world (Book and TV series) 2004 : Deepak Chopra, Sabeer Bhatia( founder), Film Makers; Mira Nair (Monsoon wedding Film Maker),
M Night Shyamalan(The Sixth Sense, Signs),Hosted by Lalith Mansingh(The Ambassador of India to USA), Mr Rath (NYC Consul General of India)
·         Sponsored by Slava Pavlovskiy.

§  "The Rise of Anand Jon; the best kept secret in Couture." Erin Ralph, Luxury Fashion. 2002

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