Saturday, February 6, 2010

An Eye Witness - Vikas

I have known Anand Jon personally and professionally since 2004.We have had problems over money and business related issues but I have never seen anything inappropriate or illegal around him.

1. In Oct 04 I was working with Anand Jon and filming our fashion show at the Four Seasons Hotel at Beverly Hills .We attended several events and there were numerous people staying with Anand Jon including myself, Rebecca Dean [Anand Jon’s personal assistant] Patrick F[Anand Jon’s business partner] ]Sanjana, Josie[ Anand Jon’s chaperone] and her daughter Melanie A, Anand Jon’s room mates Aussie and Judy all cramped up in his 2 bedroom Beverly Hills apartment. Over the few days I spent there I did not notice any one in fear or distressed including any of the models . I have seen and recognized Nichole G as one of the girls who was around Anand Jon during this period[ photo attached]

2. 2. In Feb 05 I joined Anand Jon and Patrick F to Las Vegas for business .We headed to LA and picked up a woman who was visiting Anand Jon from the airport .She accompanied Anand Jon as his date for a Tsunami Fund raiser that we had that night. Anand Jon’s new room mate Nick Ralph and his sister Erin Ralph of Luxury Fashions were co organizers of this event. Every one seems to be having a good time and I did not notice any thing unusual .Anand Jon’s date seemed fine and did not make any complaints. We all went for break fast and left together for the airport. The young woman seemed friendly and affectionate towards all of us and did not seem to have any issues with Anand Jon. There was no indication of any sexual assault.

3. I met Lori B right before July 4th 2004 at Anand Jon’s New York studio. A few months later I warned Anand Jon to be careful of Lori B as she seemed to have her own agenda. Around this period there were severe problems between all business partners, over finances and personality related issues. I met Britt Mc M AT Halloween 2005 when she attended a Charity event Anand Jon was hosting in New York. I met her along with Lori B and Melanie A again for a similar charity event in Miami in December 2005 along with her father Gerald Mc M .I am aware Gerald Mc M had made Anand Jon a partner in his company and was very keen on working with Anand Jon .There was an incident where Brit Mc M seems or consumed substances that caused her to throe up repeatedly in the Hotel room and ended up getting all of us kicked out. Anand Jon was not personally present during this incident but when he returned the following day he was upset and dropped Britt Mc M FROM HIS PROJECT .

4. Over the next 6 months the friction among all of us increased over the Wall Street funding , and business related and personality related including Anand Jon ,Patrick F Cathy Lee Jones, Richie E, Bob Stiglitch, Dave Sascans and myself. My friendship with Anand Jon deteriorated dramatically and there were several outside influences that came between us. We began to hear threats and rumors that further caused bitterness and suspicion among all of us. This friction led to some bad choices and destroyed our once healthy relationships. Anand Jon has stayed in my small apartment in Harlem in NewYork for week at a time. I have personally stayed over with him in NewYork ,LA, Miami , LasVeges Sundance etc and never seen anything in appropriate or illegal. I would like to avoid having testify in this case and hope this declaration would suffice to bring the truth out. I have known Anand Jon for a long time and despite our differences ,personality and business related issues .I know him to be a spiritual person .His attitudes may have been part of the problem but in my presence I have never witnessed or noticed any of the women that would be considered unusual or illegal


  1. FREE HIM NOW!! He was set up.Railroaded how could he pass a lie detector test and then the so called victims refused to take one.Why did the DA hide important evidence from the defense..The Da should be brought up on charges.

  2. Parvez_mast said::::SALMAN IS BEHIND U...U WILL GET FREE NOW....